CRC Contracting was established in 2002 as a sole proprietor general contracting company servicing the Washington Metro area, Maryland, and Virginia. Construction consisted of building and remodeling for residential and commercial projects.

CRC started securing government contracts at NSWC. Work consisted of remodeling base housing for new move ins. A variety of work was completed, ranging anywhere from painting, drywall repair, removing and replacing plumbing fixtures, floor coverings, light fixtures, screen porches. During this time CRC developed a reputation for quality. Completing projects on time and on budget. When the opportunity came to remodel the Admiral’s Quarters, CRC Contracting was the exclusive contractor and CRC received a recognition letter from the Admiral.

CRC transitioned from base housing to contracting work with even more contractors. Contracts included erection of steel buildings, digging and pouring of concrete footers and slabs, masonry work, steel framing, drywall, acoustic ceilings, floor coverings, vinyl base, painting, installation of doors, frames, and hardware, and other construction related work.

In addition, CRC was building homes from the ground up, which included land clearing, excavation, digging and pouring footers, laying block, pouring concrete slabs, stairs, and walkways, framing, setting trusses, roof sheething, roofing, installation, and finishing of drywall, painting, installation of wood floors, cabinets, waterproofing. Also, CRC remodeled homes, demolition of carports, removal of driveways, concrete form work, pouring of carport, driveway, sidewalk, forming and pouring concrete retaining walls, deckings, chimneys, finished carpentry, millwork and cabinetry, electrical, plumbing, wood and steel fencing, etc.

Due to the quality workmanship, contractors contracted CRC to do projects at Indianhead EOD, Pax River NAS, and Quantico Marine Base. It was during this time, that CRC was asked about installation of commercial doors and hardware. The vice president of contract sales at a door company contracted CRC for the installation of commercial doors, frames, and hardware. This opened a new opportunity to expand its services in another field. With the advent of 911, the door and hardware industry dramatically changed. The need for qualified technicians with the proper certifications and security clearances created a demand in this specialized field. As CRC’s employees became licensed, certified, and trained, our client base grew tremendously. We now serve more branches with multiple project managers. We also contract directly with many general contractors and suppliers.

CRC Contracting is a full service door and hardware company. In today’s world, certified technicians are required for many architectural door products, especially doors with sound transmission class (STC), blast, ballistic, class 5, vault, RF Shielded doors, as well as high security locks such as Kaba Mas X0 series and Lockmasters LKM. Manufacturers not only require certified installers for their products, but many states require that locksmiths and security technicians have a background check as well as proper certifications and licenses. CRC Contracting is not only licensed and certified, but is also professional and efficient. CRC’s consulting advice consistently saves clients time and money.

With over 30 years of experience in the construction field, CRC is looking to expand our client base to include governments, including federal, state, and local.

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