CRC Contracting Inc., located in King George, VA has a combined experience of over 30 years serving the Washington Metro Area, Virginia, and Maryland. CRC Contracting is a full-service door and hardware company. In today’s world, certified technicians are required for many architectural door products, especially doors with sound transmission class (STC), blast, ballistic, class 5, vault, RF Shielded doors, as well as high-security locks such as Kaba Mas X0 series and Lockmasters LKM. CRC also installs all types of commercial hardware: such as hydraulic, closers, mortise, cylindrical locks, weatherstrip, etc. Manufacturers not only require certified installers for their products, but many states require that locksmiths and security technicians have a background check as well as proper certifications and licenses. CRC Contracting is not only licensed and certified but is also professional and efficient. CRC’s consulting advice consistently saves clients time and money! Contact CRC Today!


The door and hardware industry has dramatically changed. A well-trained technician is required for the proper installation of architectural doors, frames, and hardware. Our technicians at CRC Contracting Inc. receive continuous training and have manufacturer certifications.


  • Architectural doors – all types
  • Specialty doors such as Eliason, Pivot Doors, Special-Lite, Tiger Fiberglass, and Total Door, as well as Krieger
  • VT Industries, Eggers Industries, Ambico, Overly, Republic STC, etc.
  • Aluminum frames from manufacturers, such as Western Integrated, Raco, Frameworks Manufacturing, etc.
  • Ballistic, blast, and vault doors from Overly and Krieger.


  • Installation of all types of architectural hardware.
  • Certified installation of high security such as Kaba Mas X-09 and X-10, as well as Lockmasters LKM 7000.
  • All types of ADA auto operators from manufacturers like LCN, Norton, Condor, and DORMA.
  • Access control devices – card readers, electronic latch retracting exit devices, electrified locks, EPT, power supplies, electrified hinges. Field prep doors and frames for electronic hardware.